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8 Tips to Fill the Communication Gap with Your Loved One

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11 May 2022, 22:50 GMT+10

When things are not going right, one right person can help you focus on the evens than the odds.

Your partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or husband is someone who can provide you a perfect solace to hide even when you feel things are distressing and not going right.

However, sometimes, lack of communication, things can fall apart between you and your loved one...

Should you give up?

Not at all!

"The best approach to a problem is to solve it instead of running away."

Sometimes, things that appear like a problem or disturbing at first can be nothing but a self-proclaim you had in your head. Therefore, you should talk to your lover instead of keeping things to yourself.

Do not run away but face the issue, talk, and solve it instead of losing the person you once considered your life.

1. Look at How You Spend Time Together:

The first thing is to look at the mistakes. A communication gap doesn't occur when we don't talk but happens when we talk about the odds. Check if you spend most of your time together arguing or blaming each other or talking about the things you both enjoyed talking about in the past.

You enjoyed talking about the future that you are now leaving. Try to focus on the positive sides of each other and even if you are bothered by something your partner did, do not blame, but talk empathetically about the issue while showing affection.

2. Do Fun Filled Things Together:

Communication gap also occurs when we forget to have fun together. Things that we laughed about at the start of the relationship start to pinch us. Jokes become taunts, and complaints become blame… never let it happen.

Go to bed, snuggle together, and talk. If you don't have anything specific to talk about, ladies, simply tell him love-filled bedtime stories for boyfriend. And men, bedtime stories for girlfriend should be about fairytales and even romantic things because when a woman is into you, she doesn't mind having intimated talk.

3. Let Your Heart Out The Love:

Concealing your feeling can be bad for your relationship. Remember, there is no shame in confessing that you are afraid of losing them. Let them know how much this relationship means to you and how eager you are to see your better half together with you in the future.

You can also talk about the things bothering you and making you sad due to the ongoing tension. However, keep your tone concerning instead of blaming and follow "I instead of You Rule." What is that? It means instead of starting with you did this, say, I am feeling this.

4. Listen:

Many times, problems at work, in business, or with family affect the relationship between couples even if there is nothing wrong between them. Here, you need to talk to your loved ones about things making them away from you or creating distance between you two.

"Listen to each other, not to reply but to understand."

The communication gap between couples cannot be filled without listening. You don't just have to talk about what you are feeling but also listen to and understand your partner's stance. Let encourage your better half to speak freely about the things bothering them.

5. Get Close (On and Off):

Intimacy is important, and so is being physically close. It is not just about particular making out but simply communicating through hands and eyes instead of the tongue. Holding hands or simply teasing each other sweetly will let you both enjoy the time you have together.

Remember, communication isn't just done through ears but gestures too. But gestures should be sweet. At first, maybe your angry partner replies like they are being irritated or not liking it, but when you will keep grasping them in your clasp, the smile on their face will tell it all.

6. Don't Hide Away:

If you are disturbed by something specific, recently your loved one did, don't keep it in your heart. Many times, the situation can be different than the way we are seeing it. Therefore, talking is the best way to understand and cater to a situation.

However, make sure that you choose the right time to talk to them and have the right words. Talk to find a solution and resolve the issue instead of blaming your partner. Let them know about the things bothering you and share details about the problems you are facing anywhere.

7. Give space:

Give your partner space. Clinging with your loved one and checking out every detail of their routine is definitely not love. Every person needs freedom and some independence to have me-time. Let your partner have that space.

Don't feel bothered if your partner is trying to read a book or wants to go with friends alone. Trust them, trust their gestures, and most of all trust your feelings that your love will never let them go away from you.

8. Enjoy Everything:

Celebrate all small things together. It shouldn't be a big party with everyone invited but a movie night with just you two. Go for outing, plan weekends, and celebrate love with small gifts. For instance, a small flower can bring a smile to your girl's face for the rest of the day.

Likewise, let your boyfriend play his PS5 while you sit beside and look at him with love. Just sit together and enjoy each other's company while doing your things. Remember, communicating is not just about understanding your partner's words but enjoying their silent presence too.

Bottom Line:

These 8 tips that we have offered you might appear small and unnecessary but trying them will make you realize these small things can make big difference in your love life.

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Lastly, do not ever give up on each other, and remember why you started. Do not keep your partner as an option that can be changed or swapped; give them an integral space in your life.

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