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Novawave Antenna Review 2021: Does it really work-

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Novawave antenna review

Did you know that there's a way to watch thousands of your favorite movies,Tv shows and sports events all on a broadcast channel without paying for a monthly cable bill?More than 90 percent of the top 100 television channels in the American are broadcast free over the air and it will be amazing if you find out that some of the media you' have been paying for are aired for free.

Most people are not aware that they can get to watch all their favorite content,Tv broadcast,programs over the air without paying for an expensive cable monthly bill.This is a very big secret that the cable companies are hiding for their customers rather they keep telling them that all antenna are not equal so they keep overcharging them every month on cable bill and holding them hostage to their outrageous cable contract.

With Novawave Antenna,you can easily watch your favorite Tv shows, movies, sports, even local news in the broadcast station at the comfort of your home with no payment of cable bill and dealing with another terrible cable service provider again.

Our Novawave Review will provide you with every information you need to know about this device both the features, benefits,how to use it and where you can purchase the Novawave.

What is Novawave Antenna?(Novawave antenna review)

Novawave is an amazing device that lets you watch all your favorite broadcast shows and channels over the air without paying a dime in monthly cable bills.

Novawave Antenna is thin,flat and does not occupy space,can be used almost everywhere whether your living room,offices and will work effectively.its been specially designed with precise is window and wall mountable to ensure good signal and transmission from both directions.

It is very easy to use and does not require any tools or technical knowledge to install,all you need is just attach it to the coaxial cable at the back of your television set,No endless wire to tangle and trip on.

Novawave has the capacity of receiving UHF waves that are broadcast by USA hardware throughout the country.

This unique device is designed with a super quality material that cannot be affected by bad weather and also works well with any modern television set.

Another best part of Novawave antenna is that it can easily pick up broadcast stations from mileage and in full HD so you will be able to get awesome pictures and high quality sounds.

Novawave antenna offers you a hundred percent free broadcast television without paying for monthly cable bill and at the same time saves you money for other expenses at home.set yourself free today from the insane price of cable bill and services with Novawave Antenna.


What are the key features of Novawave Antenna?(Novawave antenna review)

Beautiful high definition:Novawave antenna is a flat and compact device that let you view your favorite broadcast content in full HD quality.This compact device is capable of receiving broadcast channels in whatever resolution they were aired, which includes HD signals of 720p or even 1080p resolution.With this, you can can always enjoy your high quality sounds, videos and awesome pictures just like the one displayed when you pay for cable subscription.

Extremely portable:Novawave is made with a quality durable material that allows you to take it to any place of your choice like hotel,offices,cottage,your living room, even road is a very simple plug and watch technology.

Easy to use and set up:Novawave antenna does not require expertise or technical knowledge to set up and work effectively.All you need to do is just plug and connect it to your television and you will gain instant access to your favorite broadcast television channels.

Receives broadcast stations miles away:Novawave receives signals from both near and afar has an easy to use app which enables you to locate nearby broadcast towers and determine the best place to position your antenna.

Low energy consumption: This is another unique feature of uses no energy and saves the cost of huge cable has a low energy consumption amplifier which you can simply plug into your coaxial TV's input. Our Novawave reviews show that the unique devices consume less energy unlike ordinary cable and satellite dishes.

Free app and service: Novawave Antenna comes with a free app service which helps you to determine the best position to place the antenna and present reading on the distance between Novawave and broadcast tower to improve quality reading.

Simple one cable hook up:Novawave antenna has a standard coaxial cable which can be easily attached to the back of your tv does not require any tools for installation.Just connect the coaxial cable to your tv and you are good to go.

Novawave Antenna Review

Other features of Novawave Antenna (Novawave antenna review)

It is compact,small and has a sleek design.

Affordable and cost-effective.

It is window and door mountable.

Pick up broadcasts from a distance.


Works perfectly well with modern television that is compatible with it.

Incredibly easy to use and install.

More than 90 of the 100 channels broadcast are available with Novawave antennas.

Makes it easy without enormous payment of cable bills.


Technical Specifications of Novawave Antenna (Novawave antenna review)

Indoor Tv antenna

470- 862MHz

Receiving range:UHF

Impedance 75 ohm

Passive gain 3-5 dBi


Simple to set up plug- and- play.

Passive gain antenna

Coaxial port fitment.

Is Novawave antenna legit or a scam?(Novawave antenna review)

The answer is absolutely yes,the Novawave antenna is legit.

It is designed out of passion by a team of engineers who have passion for what they do.These team of engineers have the knowledge that most people after having a long day just want to relax, have fun and Tv entertainment to cool off their brains.

Many people are not really comfortable with the expensive monthly cable bill they will pay just to have this relaxation and entertainment.

That's when these engineers came up with the idea of Novawave antenna,a device that lets you watch Tv shows, broadcast over the air without paying a dime for monthly cable bills,it is a one time purchase and can be easily accessed by anyone once you have the right equipment.

Novawave was created out of passion for the average consumer who is finding it hard to recharge after stressing themselves all day.

With Novawave antenna, anyone is offered the opportunity to watch their favorite broadcast Tv content and channels in just a few minutes and equally saves the consumer from paying thousands of dollars for cable bill and services.

it is affordable,easy to use and install.Just plug and play.with this device, you will even be wondering why you have to pay insane prices for cable services that you can easily watch free broadcast channels.

Novawave antenna review

What are the benefits of using Novawave antennas?(Novawave review)

Gives you access to enjoy your favorite Broadcast channel even local news for free: Is this really a joke! No, it is real with the Novawave antenna.all you need is to try it by yourself and then disseminate the news around.Novawave give you the access to enjoy almost all your favorite sporting shows,movies, documentaries Tv art even local news free in the broadcast Tv channels without worries on how to pay for your cable and dish service.

Small and discreet: Novawave was designed in a manner that you won't have to ruin your decor just to use it.No untidy wires,ugly rabbit ears or anything do mar your decor.

Offers the clearest reception:With the Novawave antenna,you 'll enjoy clear, beautiful video, as well as wonderful audio is designed to pull in signals clearly and display them in the highest quality no matter the weather outside.

Safe and effective : Novawave is effective to use and safe for families with kids and pets.There is no danger of being electrocuted with the is not directly connected to anything or electric wires that can actually carry a live current.

Guarantee high quality:The Novawave antenna is made out of durable material and does not take time to set it will be watching your favorite movies, channels in a minute,all in full HD resolution.

No hassle return:The manufacturer offers a 30 days money back guarantee to customers who are not satisfied with the Novawave product.You must return it unused and on its original package within 30 days of purchase for replacement or a full refund.

Quick and convenient:Novawave ships direct to the address of your choice for convenient shopping and gift-giving.

No monthly bills:Once you purchase the Novawave,you do not have to pay expensive bills for cable subscription also helps you to save money since you can access your favorite broadcast for free.


How many channels can I get with a Novawave antenna? (Novawave antenna review)

Novawave receives signals from a distance in all directions and uses a free app which allows you to locate your nearby towers and position your antenna.

With Novawave Antenna, you can have access to the following channel and more for free

And other bunch of broadcast shows,both local weather and news.

How to use Novawave Antenna (Novawave antenna review)

Novawave is very easy to use and set up. It can be set up in a minute and does not require any in depth instructions and professional installer to set it up.

Follow the following steps to enable you have a guide on how to use it

Step 1: Simply attach or affix your Novawave unit to the wall or window.

Step 2: Connect the Novawave to your television with the included coaxial cable.

Step 3:Start scanning to find all the available broadcast channels and start watching all your favorite broadcast TV shows for free.

It is really easy and doesn't take time.


Why should I buy Novawave Antenna?(Novawave antenna review)

If you are still having a double mind or searching for a reason why you should make Novawave part of your investment,Here are some of the reasons why you should consider buying it.

One of the major reason why you should consider buying the Novawave antenna is that it allows you watch your favorite television channels, sporting events,movies,news and documentaries even local news all in broadcast television for free without paying for monthly cable subscription.With Novawave you can watch your tv 24 hours,every week and month without worrying about how to pay for the subscription because it is free and at the same time saves you the money you would used for the payment of monthly cable bills and services.

Gone are the days, where you had to pay tons of money on cable or dish bills to watch your broadcast television show.So watch your favorite television shows, sporting events, movies, even local news in broadcast television channels with the help of Novawave Antenna.

No installation required: Novawave is very easy to use and does not require any technical knowledge or special tool to operate it.all you need to do is just hung it to the wall or window wherever there is strongest signal,then connect the coaxial cable which is included in the package to the cable input of your television, Scan to find channels and you are good to go.

Display high quality videos and sounds which is unique and clearer than what you will experience with cable tv

It is affordable, cost-effective, one-time purchase unlike other antennas,that you will purchase and still be paying for monthly cable bills to watch your tv channels and other favorite content.Novawave also assures you that you cannot miss your favorite tv programs.

Novawave antenna review

What is in the package of Novawave antennas?(Novawave antenna review)

Below are the items you will see when you receive a package of Novawave.

1X Novawave Antenna

1X Coaxial cable to connect your television

1X Instruction manual.

Prons :(Novawave antenna review)

Cancel cable and save.

Multiple broadcast channels available

No monthly cable bills and services.

Ensure total free service

Durable material and long lasting

Affordable and cost effective.

Easy to use and set up.just plug and watch

Excellent pictures, audio and video quality.

Portable and sleek design

Users and budget friendly.

It is a one time payment tv service.

Compatible with any modern television set.

Works with all high definition broadcast contents

Comes with 30 days money back guarantee

50% discount when you order now for the official website.

Cons: (Novawave Antenna review)

Limited in stock

Can only be purchased from the manufacturer's official website.


What are the customers saying about Novawave Antenna?( Novawave antenna review)

Killer product. I'm able to watch all of my favorite sports broadcasts, and in full HD, too. It would be ridiculous to keep paying for cable at this point. You're literally just throwing your money in the trash. Just one payment to Novawave and you'll never have to pay another bill ever again.

Nick D- Boston,Ma

I was afraid to cut off cable TV because I was worried about losing my favorite shows. But once I learned that more than 90 of the top 100 television channels are broadcast free over the air, I made the jump. I'm happier with my TV than ever, and I'm saving BIG bucks by not paying for cable anymore

Lucas P - San Antonio, TX

Novawave is amazing! I was getting ripped off by my cable TV provider every month. Well, I finally said "goodbye" to cable bills, but not to my favorite broadcast shows! Novawave is positively fantastic - it lets me get rid of cable, but I can still watch all my favorite sports and shows in broadcast channels!"

Roger F. - Granada Hills, California

I don't like wasting my money paying for a bunch of cable that I don't really. Because of it,I cut my cable tv and started using Novawave.Now I can watch my favorite tv show without having to pay for a bunch of junk.Novawave really changed the way I watch tv and also saves me a lot of money too.

Anthony M.- Miami, Florida.

Where can I purchase Novawave Antenna(Novawave antenna review)

Novawave can be purchased online but it is good if you purchase from the manufacturer's official website so that you get the authentic product and prevent you from falling into the hands of an online fraudster.

You can easily order order your Novawave Antenna directly from the official website by clicking in the below link.Once you click on the link,it will take you to the official website and you purchase your is fast, secured and easy.They accept multiple payment options so you can choose the one that is suitable for you.

Currently the company is given a promo prize of 50% to the customers who will order for the product now and also a 30 days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product for a full refund or replacement.Ensure you order for the product through the manufacturer official website so that you can stand the opportunity to claim the mentioned offers and others that comes with the Novawave product.


Prices of Novawave Antenna (Novawave antenna review)

$39.99 for 1 unit of Novawave Antenna

$ 79.99 for 2 units of Novawave Antenna

$89.99 for 3 units of Novawave Antenna

$109.99 for 4 units of Novawave Antenna.

Frequently asked questions on Novawave antenna (Novawave antenna review)

Where should I set up my Novawave antenna

Novawave antenna gets the best reception when placed against the window,but can still perform anywhere.we suggest you place it in different locations to know where it gives you the strongest signal.

Is it advisable to install my Novawave antenna outside?

No,it is not advisable because the Novawave antenna is not waterproof and was not designed for outdoor use.placing it outside will not improve reception.

If I want my Novawave antenna to work,is there any need for internet connection?

No, Television is what you need for your Novawave to work.

If I am using Novawave,what are the number of channels that I can access with it?

This completely depends on the distance between your Novawave antenna and the closest broadcasting tower.if there are obstructions,your signals may not work well.

Can I use one Novawave antenna to get free channels on every television in my home?

No,you need to get one Novawave antenna for each television in your home.

Do I need to rescan for broadcast channels if I move or adjust the location of my novawave antenna?

Yes, you need to rescan any time you move the novawave antenna.

How can I access free channels on Novawave antenna?

To access more free channels,we suggest you get an additional amplifier to boost your antenna ranges.


Novawave antenna is a top notch device that lets you watch your favorite broadcast tv channels,movies,sport events without paying a dime for monthly cable has many benefits to the consumers as it aid them to save the money they suppose to used for cable bill,easy to use and only takes a minute to install.

It is window and door mountable, simply it can be placed anywhere in the around where there is a strongest signal yet would not cause any kind of shock hazard because it doesn't interfere with the electrical system.Novawave antenna offers you awesome pictures and sound quality capable of picking up broadcast from a distance and in full HD.

With this device, you can enjoy your favorite tv drama, sitcom,movie, top broadcast network and channels without paying an outrageous price for cable packages.

Visit the official website today and order for your Novawave antenna and enjoy this seamless experience.

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