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How Sports Films Help Explore Sports History

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Watching movies is one of the best ways to learn new information, especially when it comes to history. Why is it so effective? Let's try to find it out!

First of all, it sticks much better as our visual long-term memory is very strong. Films provide us with memorable visuals and an exciting plot that help us remember what we've just learned. It's much more effective than just reading facts, names and dates in a book. You've probably noticed that you are more likely to remember a biography of an outstanding figure from a film than from a text paragraph.

Secondly, movies provide a deeper view on everything. If you are into sports history, chances that you'll find more than a passage about your favorite athlete in a book are really low. But film creators really invest into a story, so you can learn unknown facts about their achievements and relationship. Being portrayed in detail, characters literally come to life so you can better understand their personality. Unlike most books, movies also help you see a person from various angles, which is a huge advantage.

As you see, films can be a tool for exploring sports history. Below, we'll consider some of them in more detail.

The best sports history documentaries

In recent years, a big number of sports history documentaries have been released. They give us insights in the world of sports and help to understand how it changed from one generation to another. By the way, you can learn more about it from movie reviews at, which is a platform that provides free paper samples for students. It's full of excellent essays that you can use as an example for your assignments. With this website, you'll spend less time on your homework, being able to watch great sports movies like Senna - a documentary about a Formula One champion. From this film, you'll learn about the life and tragedy of a Brazilian superstar - Ayrton Senna.

Another documentary worth your attention is Undefeated. It tells a story of the Manassas Tigers trying to turn around their image as losers. This is probably one of the best documentaries about football ever filmed. If you have free time, you should also check Pumping Iron. Being centered on the 1975 Mr. Olympia competition, it turned Arnold from a niche athlete and D-list actor to one of the most recognizable figures on the planet. Fans of boxing can learn more about this sport from the movie Tyson. As one of the most controversial figures in sports, he reflects on his life in and outside the ring.

Great films in other genres

If you want to dig deeper into sports and history, add All American to your watching list. It was released back in 1942, so it has a patriotic tone of most Hollywood films made in the times of World War II. The movie shows a historical proof of the American dream, making references to social mobility of the 20th century. It tells a story of a boy from a working-class, immigrant family who became a national sports hero. However, you can also see that such opportunity didn't exist for African Americans. In fact, they appeared as minor characters in most sports movies. In reality, they were excluded from the highest levels of commercial sports until the 1950s. One more movie that portrays the promise of equal opportunity for blacks and whites is called Eight Men Out. Being released in 1988, it explores the tension between individualism and teamwork in sports.

If you want to get inspiration from a movie based on a real story, you should watch Chariots of Fire. It tells a story of Eric Liddell who refused to run on the Sabbath at the 1924 Summer Olympics in Paris. He let his decision be known in advance but the schedule wasn't changed because of his religious beliefs. Eventually, his teammate Lord Andrew Lindsay offered Liddell his spot in the 400-meter run and the missionary managed to win a gold medal.

Final thoughts

As you see, movies are a great source of information for people interested in sports history. They give you insights on the major sports competitions, so you can learn something that is impossible to read in books. What's more, films portray legendary sports figures in detail, helping you understand their personality. Some of the best sports movies worth your time are Senna, Undefeated, Pumping Iron, Tyson, All American, Eight Men Out and Chariots on Fire. Hopefully, you will enjoy watching them!

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Robert Griffith is a sports coach and PE instructor at one of the leading US colleges. He works mainly with students, helping them prepare for national competitions. Robert's big passion is history, so he enjoys reading books and watching movies on big sports events taking place throughout the last decades.

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