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Tricks To Open AAE Files on Windows

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As an iOS user, you would come across AAE files when transferring images from your iOS to other devices. You'd wonder what these files are, if you should transfer them along with the original image, or if you should delete them from your device. Well, let's find out the answers from this article and we will focus on:

  • What an AAE file is
  • How to view AAE files
  • How to open aae files on windows 10

What is an AAE file?

AAE is the extension given to files, which contain the record of modifications made to an image from the native photo application of Apple. These extensions are generally known to transfer non-destructive edits a user makes to the JPEG images from the native photo application in an Apple device. If you decide to edit your picture from the native photo application of your iPhone, the data of the edit will get stored in a separate file. If in the future, under any circumstance, you wish to redo the changes, you might need the original version of the image. Now, with the AAE file, this is quite possible. You can simply delete the AAE file and get the original image.

The AAE file is named the same as the JPG file, but with a different extension. Therefore, if you wish to keep the changes, you shouldn't rename the AAE file. It is also located in the same folder as the JPG image. Therefore, replacing either the JPG image or the AAE file will affect the connection between them.

How to view AAE files?

One can easily assume with the name of the AAE file, that they are image files. But when you try opening them, you will find an error message quoting they're not valid image files. AAE files are, therefore, not meant to be opened. These files contain the edits made to an image in an XML format. Since they're a series of XML texts, they can be opened and viewed via any text editor like Apple TextEdit, Microsoft Notepad, etc.

How to open an AAE file on Windows?

When you try to open these files on your PC, you will often encounter the error message that Windows does not support the file format. Now, let's look at the simplest way to solve this problem and how to open aae files on a Windows 10 laptop or PC.

  • When you edit a pic on your Apple device, you can see the image from your library with little effort. However, this file type isn't supported in Windows, and therefore, you cannot view them there.
  • Thus, to view them on your Windows pc, you must first download any third-party editing software like Picsart on your Apple device.
  • Once it is downloaded, open the AAE file (the file with the latest editing from your iPhone) and edit it a furthermore (even minor changes would do).
  • Save the image and you will find the edited image in your image library.
  • Connect your PC you will find the image in JPEG format, and not in AAE format. You can download it to your PC and use it.
  • An alternate and quick way is to mail the edited image to yourself. Later you can download the image from your PC and save it in your local folder.

This way you can view AAE files and open AAE files on Windows.

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AAE files are helpful because no matter the number of changes made to an image; the original version of the image will always be retained. Apple introduced this feature and is available in iOS 8 and further versions and with macOS 10 and later versions. In Windows, by default, AAE files are hidden. AAE files have the same name as the original file. Once you import the images from your Apple OS to Windows, you can delete the AAE files as they're of no use there. These files are so small and occupy less than one kb. Therefore, there is no harm in keeping them on your device. Though the certainty of leaving the original image intact even after applying a series of changes is welcome, that the file type is not compatible with another operating system is a downside.

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