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Spruce up Your Garden With These Beautiful Plants

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Flowers are a source of happiness for many people. The colors and fragrance it can bring can truly be uplifting! However, buying them constantly can be costly. Instead, why don't you plant your very own bouquet in the home garden? Not only is it inexpensive, but it can also provide you with an exciting new hobby.

In addition, having flowers in your garden gives you freedom on which plants to grow. With thousands of seeds available for planting, mixing and matching the colors and textures of your garden can bring so much enjoyment. Moreover, watching your hard work grow into fruition brings a lot of feelings of accomplishment.

Are you looking for ideas for your garden? Does the seemingly endless selection of plants make it hard for you to choose? We're here to help! In this article, we've rounded up five of the most beautiful flowers you can spruce your garden with.


Suitable for both spring and summer, hydrangeas are shrubs that bloom with the most lovely flowers. If you're a beginner, you'll definitely appreciate how low maintenance these plants are. They grow almost all by themselves, even filling up your garden in just a few months!

What's more, its flowers change color depending on the soil-blue or lavender with acidic soil and pink or red with alkaline. Even so, changing its colors does not happen instantly; you'll have to wait for weeks or even months. Likewise, not all hydrangea varieties have this ability, so it's best to know the type you've planted before attempting.

The pretty globes of flowers seem delicate, but they can be pretty hardy. Just ensure you give them sufficient water, mulch, and fertilizer to encourage root growth. Protection from pests is also essential, so keep an eye out for any aphids, bugs, or scales.

Grape Hyacinth

With flowers that look like tiny blue pearls, grape hyacinths are a dainty addition to your garden. Their appearance is reminiscent of hyacinths, albeit smaller. When in bloom, these plants give off a delicately sweet scent, perfect for those who get put off with overly potent smells.

If you have existing spring bulbs and low perennials, adding grape hyacinths is an excellent way to add more color to your garden. These plants are also good to plant in the walkway or even in containers. Likewise, a carpet of grape hyacinths will instantly add life to your rock gardens.

These flowers do not need much maintenance after they bloom; the occasional fertilizer and natural rainfall are enough to keep them healthy. You don't have to prune them either, but you can, if you wish to make them look neater.


If you're searching for taller plants to grow, then the eye-catching foxglove is what you're looking for. With a height that can grow up to six feet, these flowers are perfect for the back row of a flower border. Moreover, they go exceptionally well with dahlias, snapdragons, and coral bells.

Most foxgloves varieties are biennials, which means they only start flowering in their second year. Its flowers range from purple to white and are highly attractive to hummingbirds. You might also often find these tall plants at home with woodland gardens, among ferns.

The foxglove typically blooms from May to June. When growing them, provide them with rich, draining soil since they are vulnerable to crown rot. You'll also need to ensure they get good air circulation for them to thrive better.

Stargazer Lilies

When talking about beautiful flowers, stargazer lilies are always on the list. Ever since its introduction by Leslie Woddriff in the late 1970s, this plant hybrid has been one of the most famous Oriental lilies. Indeed, its deep fuchsia tones that gradually become lighter in the middle together with its white edges make it a showstopping addition to any garden!

Apart from the stargazer lilies' beauty and fragrance, the plant is also loved for its easy-to-grow nature. They thrive on either containers or ground, even with the most minimal care. Just remember to plant them in a location with ample space, as they can grow up to 36 inches tall.

English Rose

Roses are among the most classic and romantic flowers you can add to your garden. From its many varieties, perhaps the English rose is the one for you. It is famed for its beautiful petals and intense fragrance, immediately making it the star of the garden.

Depending on where you might want to place them, these flowers can grow as shrubs, climbers, or even container plants! They also come in purple, red, white, orange, and pink hues, so you can easily have fun combining them with other blooms. Just remember not to plant them near any trees to prevent any competition for water.


The flowers listed above are just five among the thousands of possibilities you can add color to your landscape. Indeed, growing different kinds of flowers in your garden makes it more attractive and lovely. Moreover, combining them and seeing them flourish together can provide immense joy to anyone caring for them.

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