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How to Perform Technical SEO Audit

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Improve Your SEO Strategy With a Comprehensive SEO Audit

The modern internet landscape can provide your business with countless opportunities to reach your target audience, engage your clients, and grow your brand awareness. The challenge lies in figuring out the best ways to effectively drive traffic to your site and convert those visits to sales. SEO can help manage that organic growth and encourage potential clients to choose your company over your competitors.

SEO can be complex, but we can help. We can guide you through the different methodologies and techniques to find the right approach for your company.

What an SEO Audit Can Tell You

The comprehensive SEO audit provides you with invaluable information about your site's current SEO performance and existing issues that could be compromising your search ranking. SEO audit service also includes detailed explanations of some of the most common issues that could be affecting your site, so you can understand the data and begin developing an effective plan to address challenges.

The audit process only takes a few seconds once you enter your website's URL. The results can bring to light numerous aspects of your site, many of which can help you understand your Google search ranking. Knowing which factors are affecting your place in Google's results can give you direction when you are creating an SEO and marketing strategy. This comprehensive audit can point out some of the most common issues that can impact your ranking, including:

  • Permission issues from your host router.

    When your site is new to the hosting server, Google's crawlers tend to be more aggressive in their quest to collect adequate data for statistical analysis. However, some host routers perceive this aggressive crawling as a malicious attack and respond by blocking the Google crawlers. Of course, denying Google access to your site can destroy your ranking, so it's essential to make sure your host router isn't blocking the crawlers.

  • Incorrect WordPress meta tags.

    Some of WordPress' privacy settings give site owners the option to block certain content from search engines. If you do add this "no index" meta tag to your site, Google will honour it and remove your site from its search results.

  • Poor-quality content.

    Current search engine algorithms take into account the quality of a site's content. It can be difficult for you to determine the quality level of your own content, especially when you are trying to figure out how a search engine will judge quality.

  • Ineffective backlinks.

    Building a network of backlinks can be challenging, especially with Google's restrictions on the process. Google's algorithm priorities organic backlinks and can penalize backlink networks built or paid for by website owners. If the algorithm determines that your backlinks are designed to artificially manipulate your ranking, your site may receive a lower ranking or even incur a penalty.

These are just a few of the common factors that can affect your site's ranking. Completing my audit and studying the results can help you determine exactly where to focus your SEO efforts for maximum impact.

SEO Audit to Improve Your Site's Mobile Performance

In recent years, consumers have increasingly moved toward using mobile devices rather than home computers to access the internet. Because of this shift, search engines have refined their ranking algorithms to place mobile-friendly sites higher on the search results list. Sites with accurate and complete geographical information also tend to receive higher rankings since they can easily be placed on a map of local results.

Consumers who are using mobile phones to search for goods and services are likely to use the list of results to immediately decide which business to patronize. To convert these consumers to clients, you need to do three things:

  • Make sure your site is visible. Your website must be in the top few places of the search results, and it should also show up on a map of local results.
  • Encourage users to click through to your site. Your link in the search results should provide enough information that consumers understand how your business relates to their search parameters.
  • Convert site visitors to sales. Getting a consumer to visit your site is a good start, but it doesn't mean much if he or she chooses one of your competitors instead. You can improve your conversion rates by ensuring your site is easy to navigate, aesthetically pleasing, and optimized for mobile devices.

A mobile SEO audit should include testing the site's performance on mobile devices and visibility on maps of local providers. If you find that your site loads slowly or doesn't scale to a mobile browser, you can work with your web development team to make changes. You can improve your visibility on search engine maps by verifying that your online directory entries include accurate and complete geographical information.

Understanding Technical SEO Audit through Data

Along with testing your site's mobile performance, it's essential to perform a technical SEO audit to get a better understanding of the behind-the-scenes areas of your site. There are numerous aspects to a technical audit, including:

Structured data errors

Indexing status

Keyword performance

Crawling errors

Sitemap issues

Meta tags

HTTP status codes

Duplicate content

Robots.txt syntax errors

Internal linking structure

Navigation logic

Overall site speed

A detailed technical SEO audit should cover these issues to help you understand some of the factors behind your site's ranking and overall performance. We can help you navigate through this complex data to understand what it means and how it should drive your SEO campaign.

Knowing Where to Focus Your SEO Efforts

Understanding the causes of your SEO performance is only the first step. Next, you must figure out how to fix existing issues and update your site in a way that will significantly improve and then maintain your ranking. SEO and social media marketing consulting services provide you with detailed strategies personalized for your business.

While one-on-one consulting will give you the most effective tools for improving your site's performance, you can start upgrading your site immediately by working on the most common aspects of SEO. I recommend clients focus their initial efforts on these areas:

  • Site architecture:

    Making sure your site is easy to navigate and organized in a logical way.

  • On-page factors:

    Ensuring your site loads quickly, looks attractive, and functions well across all devices.

  • Off-page factors

    Checking your backlinks for quality and your online directory entries for accuracy.

  • Competition:

    Studying your competitors' sites to gain insight on design, keyword usage, content, and organization.

  • Social Media:

    Developing active profiles on popular networks and publishing content that draws attention and encourages engagement from your target audience.

Leveraging Social Media Marketing Tools

Creating an SEO strategy that addresses technical and mobile factors is a great first step toward improving your ranking. You can also dramatically increase your brand recognition and website traffic through effective use of social media.

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